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Margaret is a sensitive caring practitioner. You will find her presence calming and reassuring.

Why Book An Energy Healing With Margie?

Margie has been a professional Intuitive & Psychic for 15 years. Margie was born with various psychic abilities.  Margie is Clairsentient, which means she feels and knows things to be true without rational explanation.

Margie incorporates these abilities into your energy healing session, by using her psychic vision and clairsentience she can look at and feel your energy field. At this time she may find energy blockages or areas of energy depletion.

Through these intuitive abilities, Margie can see what your energy field requires to be whole and healthy. Margie uses advanced energy healing techniques to remove energy congestion and energises areas that are lacking energy.

This rebalancing of your energy field stimulates your own bodies ability to heal itself.

After a session, your energy body begins to re align to its natural state of balance. This leads to positive health effects such as improved energy levels, reduced stress and improved sleep.

Alternative Healthcare.

Margie has been passionate about alternative healthcare for 15 years. She has studied massage therapy, herbal medicine, sports nutrition, crystals for health and most recently pranic energy healing.

If feeling better is something you desire, book an Energy Healing session with Margie today.

Intuitive Energy Healing Consultation –

60 minute

 Reaching Higher Consciousness

According to Conscious Lifestyle Magazine 
“Higher consciousness is a state of elevated awareness and perception in which a person has a deeper understanding of the nature of reality, the self and various spiritual aspects of life that play an important role in one’s personal evolution and psychological development.”

Hi There!
I’m Margie, and I was born an explorer! An explorer of all things supernatural and unexplained. The mysterious and frightening. Where people felt fear of the unknown I felt even more determination to find an explanation.

See, from a very young age, I have had the ability to see spirit. Along with this, I would dream life events in full detail right down to the smell, before they would happen in my awake “real” life.

These abilities and knowings were and still are very real to me. Everything that falls under the supernatural heading, I was in touch with! I just needed to learn what it was called and when and to whom I could speak of it.

The more I saw, the more I acknowledged, the more time I gave to these abilities, the greater they became. My abilities became stronger, my knowings more profound.

There was no question of “IF” this was real. This “WAS” my normal!

When I was ready to know more, I was shown more. One of the greatest discoveries along my very spiritual road was the one of self-discovery, and the origins of my soul. I know! DEEP!

As my soul expanded, so did my ability to commune with higher beings. Spirit guides at first, and then what I would describe as a ‘higher consciousness’. A higher consciousness that I have come to realise I have a direct connection to.

The Elohim Consciousness

What is The Elohim Consciousness?

A group of light beings. An energy of all-encompassing love, hope and guidance. From the moment I channelled my first message from the Elohim, the love I felt within my body brought tears to my eyes. Their messages of connection to the divine, the loving guidance they continued to deliver to me personally, has always resonated and imparted the love and hope I desired.

They have never left my side, never stopped loving, healing and guiding me. What they have guided me to know is Myself! My own soul connection to the Elohim, and to love myself and my ability to connect with them and share their messages with you.

How do I communicate with The Elohim Consciousness?

How I commune with the Elohim consciousness is through deep relaxation, meditation, where I engage in automatic writing, with my non-dominant hand.

In this way, I am able to be in an ‘observer’ role, as they pass their information, messages, love and wisdom through. It is a beautiful experience to be a part of, as I am always gifted with a deep sense of peace and appreciation.

Intuitive Energy Healing & The Elohim

In Energy Healing sessions with Margie, she is able to channel down the healing energy of The Elohim Consciousness. Being in contact with this divine healing energy and vibration, will have a soothing and calming influence on you. People report experiencing deep personal peace within afterwards.

It almost creates a recalibration to the divine energy stream you incarnated on.

For this reason, your energy healing experience will be different to the next person’s. They are deeply personal.

Discover Inner Peace & Divine Love with messages from The Elohim Consciousness

Margie has been communing with The Elohim Consciousness for well over 20 years. It is now time to open up to you all and share the teachings she has received over the years, and continues to receive today. So, that you too can discover the deep peace and divine love that The Elohim Consciousness has for you personally.

Read channelled messages from The Elohim, in Margie’s Blog.

Tarot Card Readings And Intuition.

Also, along with her attunement to Us the Elohim Consciousness. Margie’s intuitive ability extends to doing personal readings for people. Margie incorporates traditional tarot card interpretations with a great inner knowing that flows within when tuning into your photo. Book a Tarot Card Reading with Margie.

” Hi Margie, hope you are well. Just letting you know that my life is going really well. Things are falling into place or easily managed. I have a lightness and contentment I haven’t felt forever. So thank you again!! “