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The CLEAR CRYSTAL QUARTZ is used to magnify the healer’s intention. Thus enhancing the cleansing and energising of your chakras.

The ROSE QUARTZ is used to soften the energy given to you. It is often used in healing sessions for children.

AMETHYST is used by the healer to help clean up and absorb any negative or diseased energy that is removed from the client.


Initial Consultation –  90 minutes

Follow up consultations – 60 minutes.


This is very individual and goes on a case by case basis.

I feel that clients receive the best effects from Energy Healing if they have the first 2 sessions within the space of 1 month.

Beyond the second Energy healing session, I feel strongly that the client will be able to identify when their energy field has become out of balance again.

Some clients like to invest in a monthly Energy healing session as part of their health and wellness goals.


PHONE CALL- Firstly a brief chat on the phone to discuss what you would like to work on within your energy healing session. This is a great opportunity to let Margie know how you are feeling and what is challenging you at the moment.

INTUITIVE BODY SCAN/ NOTE TAKING- Then when the phone call has ended. You can go on with your activities, while Margie will get to work communing with higher consciousness and using her psychic vision and sensitivity to evaluate the state of your energy field. She does this by checking in to each of your major chakras (energy centres within your energy body).

Margie will take notes of what she is finding in each chakra and write down any psychic visions she is having in connection to these.

ENERGY HEALING COMMENCES- Once the full intuitive body scan is completed, Margie will then work to bring your energy centres in to balance. This may include giving energy to depleted areas of the body or clearing out congested and blocked energy.

PSYCHIC ATTACK- Where needed Margie will remove negative energy attachments, energy chords to people from your past, addiction entities, dark force attacks/ psychic attacks. This is deep work, that will require consecutive sessions.

ENERGY SHIELDING TECHNIQUES- Margie is also trained in creating energy shields, which are used for protection from negative forces, toxic situations or people, and psychic attack.

TOOLS USED- Within your energy healing session Margie will use a range of tools to complete her work. This may include crystals, incense and scared herbs, singing bowls, sound or chanting. Margie will be guided as to what will work best for you.

NOTIFICATION OF COMPLETION- Once Margie has completed your energy balance. She will notify you via text message that your session is complete and will forward via email her notes from your session.

NOTES REVEALED- This notes are for you to read for greater awareness, but they remain the property of Margaret Moore, The Peaceful Place.


DISCLAIMER*please note- any notes that are taken down by Margie during your Pranic session, remain the intellectual property of Margaret Moore. Further to these notes all spiritual guidance given both written and verbal is legally classified as “for entertainment purposes only”. Margaret Moore or The Peaceful Place will not be held responsible for any damages personal or otherwise that come from the result of any decisions, choices or actions you take after receiving this guidance.


Initially, within the first 24 -72 hours, you may feel one or all of these symptoms

  • Tired
  • Emotional
  • Energised
  • Peaceful & Calm

Tired– Some people feel a tiredness that comes from the release of all the tension and stress energy they have been holding on to. Letting it go within your energy healing, takes a weight of your shoulders that leads you to have a very sound and restful sleep, often for the first time in months!

Emotional-  When Margie releases energy blockages that formed due to suppressed emotion, the emotion can be felt by the client, during or after the session.

Tears are such a wonderful release of energy, and it is something that is very much encouraged or supported. If you experience this, acknowledge that it has come to the surface for processing, and moving this emotion out of the body is terrific for your personal healing and health.

Alternatively, you may experience an increase in irritability. This too often occurs in clients that have suppressed pain and anger during their life, this too needs to be released in a positive way. At The Peaceful Place, we highly recommend a walk in nature. Journalling also works when needing to release anger or frustration in a positive way.

Energised- Another common feeling after an energy healing is a feeling of increased energy. Many clients have reported it is like they have had an extra coffee, which in fact they haven’t.

Peaceful & Calm- A great benefit to energy healing is that it usually brings about a feeling of deep peace and connectedness, a sense that everything will work out for the best.

If you have any questions after your energy healing session, feel free to contact Margie directly on 0400 036 608.

Beyond the first few days, most clients report feeling these positive benefits-

-Clarity of thought
Decrease in Stress & Tension
-Improved Sleep
-Greater energy levels
Decrease in physical pain
-More organised
-More positive mindset.