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 Life-force, prana, chi or life-energy describe the energy that permeates every living thing. And with every living thing, life force energy can be blocked, and it can be depleted.


A Qualified Energy Practitioner uses specific techniques to remove energy blockages from your personal energy field.  They will then channel divine healing energy to fill up any depleted areas in your energy field.

This process stimulates your own bodies energy system to rebalance, improving your overall health and wellbeing.


You have a physical body made up of all the physical systems of the body. And you have a metaphysical energy body. An energy field that is interlinked with the physical body. It is believed that disease of the physical body, first presents itself in the energy body.

An Energy healer will work to clear away energy blockages, and fill up energy depletions, which will lead to an increase in energy flow around your body and overall better health and sense of wellbeing.

We see a doctor when our physical body has a problem. And we would all benefit greatly to see an energy healer when we are feeling out of sorts emotionally or caught up negative situations, or high stress environments.


  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved sleep
  • Decrease in pain
  • Clarity of thought
  • De-stressed
  • Feeling of calmness and peaceful


Time after time, Margie’s Clients share with her the great benefits her energy healings have provided them. They report feeling less stressed, more at peace and clear in thought. They then go on to report improved sleeping patterns and feeling of overall wellbeing that lasts for weeks afterwards.

It offers an alternative approach to pain and discomfort in the body. Energy healing removes energy congestion which leads to greater flow of energy around the body and in turn greater wellbeing. Filling areas where there is an energy depletion results in improved energy levels, positive thinking and  a lightness and peace of mind.


PHONE CALL- Firstly a brief chat on the phone to discuss what you would like to work on within your energy healing session. This is a great opportunity to let Margie know how you are feeling and what is challenging you at the moment.

INTUITIVE BODY SCAN/ NOTE TAKING- Then when the phone call has ended. You can go on with your activities, while Margie will get to work communing with higher consciousness and using her psychic vision and sensitivity to evaluate the state of your energy field. She does this by checking in to each of your major chakras (energy centres within your energy body).

Margie will take notes of what she is finding in each chakra and write down any psychic visions she is having in connection to these.

ENERGY HEALING COMMENCES- Once the full intuitive body scan is completed, Margie will then work to bring your energy centres in to balance. This may include giving energy to depleted areas of the body or clearing out congested and blocked energy.

PSYCHIC ATTACK- Where needed Margie will remove negative energy attachments, energy chords to people from your past, addiction entities, dark force attacks/ psychic attacks. This is deep work, that will require consecutive sessions.

ENERGY SHIELDING TECHNIQUES- Margie is also trained in creating energy shields, which are used for protection from negative forces, toxic situations or people, and psychic attack.

TOOLS USED- Within your energy healing session Margie will use a range of tools to complete her work. This may include crystals, incense and scared herbs, singing bowls, sound or chanting. Margie will be guided as to what will work best for you.

NOTIFICATION OF COMPLETION- Once Margie has completed your energy balance. She will notify you via text message that your session is complete and will forward via email her notes from your session.

NOTES REVEALED- This notes are for you to read for greater awareness, but they remain the property of Margaret Moore, The Peaceful Place.


DISCLAIMER*please note- any notes that are taken down by Margie during your Pranic session, remain the intellectual property of Margaret Moore. Further to these notes all spiritual guidance given both written and verbal is legally classified as “for entertainment purposes only”. Margaret Moore or The Peaceful Place will not be held responsible for any damages personal or otherwise that come from the result of any decisions, choices or actions you take after receiving this guidance.

The benefit to receiving an energy healing is YOU FEEL BETTER.

This image shows the energy body that surrounds the physical body, and the chakras (spinning wheels of energy) that are also part of your energy field and have a direct effect on the physical body.

Your energy body and physical body are interconnected, and continually influencing one another.

Energy Healing For Children

Children make for great clients, as they are open to receiving, they do not question how or why they feel so much better, they just know it works.

Margaret has successfully used energy healing techniques to help children suffering gastro/stomach complaints, anxiety and sleeping difficulties. The treatment is non-touch, and the child feels relaxed and often sleep better the night of the treatment. Margaret’s own children love how they feel after an energy treatment, and ask for it regularly.

Energy Healing For Adults

For adults, stress is key. If we are honest most of us are experiencing stress in some form, and unfortunately a lot of people have physical disease of the body.

Pain levels are rising, and prescriptive drugs are on the rise to combat body ailments and stress.

Intuitive Energy Healing can be used in conjunction with your mainstream medical treatments.

” Hi Margie, hope you are well. Just letting you know that my life is going really well. Things are falling into place or easily managed. I have a lightness and contentment I haven’t felt forever. So thank you again!! “